FAQ: Stay Safe Mask Cover


You have seen our Stay Safe Mask Cover.

Here's some FAQs to clarify any queries you might have. :) 


What is Stay Safe Mask Cover?

They are reusable fabric masks that comes with the following design features: 
- pleated design 
- side-slot for inserting single use face mask or filter inserts 
- slot for nose wire 
- slots for elastic bands 


Why choose the Stay Safe Mask Cover? 

  1. Fabric material is more comfortable for long term use. Some customers have also mentioned that their skin gets irritated by the single use face masks. That's why they prefer to use the fabric masks to prevent direct contact with the single use face masks. 
  2. Our design comes with a side slot that makes it easy to insert a single use face mask or filter inserts for the right level of protection you need. 
  3. The nose wire slot helps "lift" the mask and make it fit better around your face. This way, you can breathe better. 
  4. The slots for elastic bands makes it possible for you to change the bands to suit your needs or when they have been well worn for retirement. 


What dimensions do these come in? 

Every piece is handmade and therefore there will be variations in dimensions. For estimation purposes, the estimated dimensions are:

Adult (18 cm by 11 cm)
Child (14 cm by 8 cm) 

*Child sizes are limited and could be made upon request. Feel free to contact us at info@araytraverses.com or private message us on Instagram


Can I wear the masks as it is without inserting any single use face mask or filter insert?

As with all advisories out there, these are not medical grade masks and not intended to prevent, treat, or cure any diseases. We would strongly recommend for you to insert the single use face mask or filter insert for maximum protection. 


How long do these masks last? 

Because of the fabric material, these masks can last for a relatively long time.

We've had customers wearing them for half a year with about 2 to 3 washes per week and the only replacement needed was the elastic bands and nose wire.

The fabric itself would last relatively longer; unless they are being worn on a daily basis with a lot of perspiration. This would result in the usual seasoning of fabric as per our clothing wear. (e.g. smells, discoloration of lighter fabric etc) 


How should I care for my mask? 

Remove surgical mask or filter insert and twist tie before washing. 
Hand wash and air dry. 
Iron on low heat. 
Do not soak any of the masks that come in darker fabric as the colors may bleed. 


How do I change the elastic band?

Remove the elastic bands from the mask.

Get ready new elastic bands at around 35cm for each side.

If you have a bobby pin or safety pin at home, you can use them to slot in the elastic bands into the masks. 

Check out our video tutorial, at time stamp: 5:52, to see how to insert the elastic bands. (While you are there, give us a like if you enjoyed the video! :))


If your question is not answered above, do contact us at info@araytraverses.com or private message on Instagram

Stay safe!