We take pride in making quality products from scratch as much as possible to increase the level of sustainability in our offerings. A lot of time is spent on the pre-production process to ensure that we could deliver products which are true to our promise. 

How do we increase the level of sustainability?

1. All our fabric are sourced locally from established fabric suppliers whose materials come from US, Australia, Japan, Korea, China, etc. 

2. Our labels are handmade in our home-based workshop using a traditional method of fabric print and vinegar soak to set the ink permanently. 

3. We use individually made calico cotton bags to pack our orders to reduce the use of plastics in our packaging. 

Care taken for every fabric

Do you know that we pre-wash all fabric that arrives and iron them by hand? It's all about ironing, cutting, sewing and ironing...Basically, just lots of ironing to make sure our products get that beautiful look when you receive them. :)

Production process

Every piece is unique and handmade in our local home-based workshop. We are very stringent in our checks and would usually not put up any products which are finished and do not meet our standards (yes, sewing "accidents" do occur from time to time!). These products would be set aside and we would find a use for them ourselves.