Our packaging philosophy

In an effort to be more eco-conscious, we spent a lot of thought into our packing process to reduce the amount of wasteful packaging used as much as possible. 

Generally for each order, we would pack all items into 1 of our made-from-scratch fabric cotton bags ("flip & fold bags"). For products which are sold as gift sets in gift bags or gift boxes, we would therefore not pack them into these bags since they would already be packed in the accompanying gift bags/boxes. If you require additional bags for gift wrapping purposes, do check out add-on options for gifting to purchase them. 

Updates on packaging wef 1 April 2022: 

Due to increasing time constraints, we made a very difficult decision to switch to using paper wrapping to pack your orders instead of our in-house flip & fold bags. This is to ensure that we are able to fulfill your orders promptly without delays.

If you would like us to pack your orders using the flip & fold bag, you can purchase them separately here and write a note during checkout to pack them into the bag. 

We thank you for your understanding in this change and we hope that you would join us in our effort and reuse/recycle the packaging materials. :) 


Any feedback can be sent to 


Packaging materials

We use a mix of padded envelopes, FSC certified natural brown Kraft Paper Envelopes and carton boxes to pack your orders, depending on the items you have purchased. To secure your items, we use a combination of paper wrap and honeycomb kraft paper (a more sustainable option compared to bubble wraps). 

What are your considerations during packing?

1. Protection of your items 

2. Reduction of any potential waste in packaging materials 

What can I do to join your eco-conscious efforts? 

Thank you for joining us to build a friendlier environment! There's so many ideas we can think of on how to reuse them and we are sure you can too! 


Thank you card

The card is specially designed with an inspirational quote at the front.

~You can put it up on the wall, or on your desk, everywhere and anywhere that brightens up your space

~Send it to a friend who may need an uplifting message at the moment 

Carton box

~ We love using these boxes as storage around the house and office. They are great for keeping small items organised and easy to find. 

~Again, you can reuse it as a packaging for gifting to your friends! 

~Cut out and use them as base for art work such as paints etc 

~Use it to block out glaring light shining on your office workstation 

~Last resort: Recycle them!