Our packaging philosophy

In an effort to be more eco-conscious, we personally make fabric cotton bags from scratch to pack your orders. Each order will be packed into 1 bag and if you require additional bags for gift wrapping, do check out add-on options for gifting to purchase them. 

As much as we would like to be eco-conscious, there may be occasions where we may need to use plastic, bubble wrap or other less environmentally friendly items in our packaging. This is to ensure that your purchase is well protected on its way to you or the intended recipient(s). 

Do join us in our effort and reuse/recycle the packaging materials. :) 

Any feedback can be sent to 

What's included in the packaging for each order?

With simplicity and the environment in mind, we created this Flip & Fold bag that is simple and uses the least materials possible. There are 4 sizes available and your items will be packed into 1 of the most fitting sizes. 

Check out our IGTV video on how to use them.

We use a mix of padded envelopes, FSC certified natural brown Kraft Paper Envelopes and carton boxes to pack your orders, depending on the items you have purchased. 

What are your considerations during packing?

1. Protection of your items 

2. Reduction of any potential waste in packaging materials 

What can I do to join your eco-conscious efforts? 

Thank you for joining us to build a friendlier environment! There's so many ideas we can think of on how to reuse them and we are sure you can too! 


~You can reuse the pouches to store items within the house 

~When you travel, you can keep your shoes, clothing or any miscellaneous items

~How about using them to wrap a gift to your friends? 

Thank you card

The card is specially designed with an inspirational quote at the front.

~You can put it up on the wall, or on your desk, everywhere and anywhere that brightens up your space

~Send it to a friend who may need an uplifting message at the moment 

Carton box

~ We love using these boxes as storage around the house and office. They are great for keeping small items organised and easy to find. 

~Again, you can reuse it as a packaging for gifting to your friends! 

~Cut out and use them as base for art work such as paints etc 

~Use it to block out glaring light shining on your office workstation 

~Last resort: Recycle them!