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A Ray Traverses

Lavender Bag (Live Laugh Love)

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Filled with naturally scented dried lavender buds, this lavender bag carries with it a handful of wonderfully soothing and relaxing scent. The wonderful scent spruces up cupboards and drawers.

To use: 

  • Put it in cupboards, wardrobes, bags etc for a nice relaxing scent.
  • Keep it on hand for stress relieving moments by squeezing the bag to release the calming lavender scent.

Product Information

1x Lavender Bag 

Add on a gift box and gift card via this link.

Estimated Dimensions: Measures about 10cm by 10cm.

Cotton fabric filled with dried lavender buds. 

Care Instructions:

  • Do not wash; spot cleaning only
  • When the lavender scent has faded:
    • Squeeze the bag with your hands to refresh the scent or
    • Microwave at high heat for 15 seconds or
    • Put under sunlight for around 30 minutes
    • For adventurous DIY-ers: Replace the lavender buds with fresh ones since the fabric lasts a long time (this will require basic sewing skills 😊)

Do note that the actual product color may vary from the color shown in the monitor. 


*This product is not meant to be used as a medical product. If you have any medical conditions that may be affected by the use of this product, please consult with your doctor before use.  

*Dried lavender buds may be fatal to some pets like cats. Do check with your vet if there's any concerns for use near your pets. 

*For hygiene purposes, there will be no exchange or returns allowed for this item.