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Lavender Eye Pillow (Starlit World)

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Filled with organic flaxseeds and dried lavender buds, the eye pillow provides weighted pressure and aromatherapy to soothe your tired eyes. Each pillow comes with a removable cover for washing and an inner bag containing the flaxseeds and lavender buds.

To use: simply shake the eye pillow to evenly distribute the grains before placing over your eyes. Get creative and use these pillows in various ways: 

  • Use at night when you go to bed
  • Take a power nap with it
  • Include them in your yoga or meditation routine
  • Treat it like a stress ball by squeezing to release the lavender aroma!
  • Use it as a wrist rest
  • and more!

Product Information:

Includes 1x Pillow cover + 1x Inner Bag 

Add on a gift box and gift card via this link.

Estimated Dimensions: 22 cm by 10 cm

Due to the handmade nature of this product, please allow variations between 1 to 2 cm in dimensions

Inner bag filling – Organic flaxseeds and food grade dried lavender buds (total weight around 180g)
Inner bag fabric – 100% Premium Linen
Pillow cover – Cotton

Care Instructions:
Inner bag

  • Do not wash; spot cleaning only 
  • When the lavender scent has faded:
    • Squeeze the eye pillow with your hands to refresh the scent or
    • Microwave at high heat for 15 seconds or
    • Put under sunlight for around 30 minutes
    • For adventurous DIY-ers: Replace the flaxseeds and lavender buds with fresh ones since the fabric lasts a long time (this will require basic sewing skills 😊)

 Pillow cover

  • Remove inner bag before wash
  • Safe for machine wash and dryer
  • For darker colors, it is recommended to wash separately from whites.

Do note that the actual product color may vary from the color shown in the monitor. 

How long can each eye pillow last? 

It really depends on how each of us use our eye pillows. In general, the internal eye pillow (with the fillings) can last at least 1 to 2 years. And if properly cared for, it can last beyond that for years.


*This product is not meant to be used as a medical product. If you have any medical conditions that may be affected by the use of this product, please consult with your doctor before use.  

*Dried lavender buds may be fatal to some pets like cats. Do check with your vet if there's any concerns for use near your pets. 

*For hygiene purposes, there will be no exchange or returns allowed for this item. 

*The fabric used for the inner bag is lightweight material, so that the lavender scent seeps through well. Therefore, please refrain from throwing the pillow or over stretching the fabric to prevent fabric tear that would result in the spilling of the filling.