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Lavender Satchel Gift Set (Assorted)

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Give a gift of scented goodness to convey your gratitude and thanks! This satchel is small and perfect for keeping in your bags, pouches, for the nice lavender scent that almost everybody loves.

It’s small, simple and cute, which is perfect for gifting to many people at one go. It smells great and is lovely to hold and squeeze for a small dose of stress relief. Also, we added the little key ring that you could use to hang it anywhere. Carry it around in your bags, pouches, or leave them in your wardrobes or cupboards. What we especially liked is that these are made from leftover fabric that would otherwise have to be thrown away.

Product information

Lavender Satchel and Thank You stickers (on satchel and box) would be randomly sent out.


Available options: 

1) Single gift set: Each set includes 1 Lavender Satchel, 1 gift box and 1 thank you card. 

2) 10 sets for $69.90 (Bulk purchase discount is available if you are purchasing 35 sets and above. Contact us for details.) 



Assorted fabric (mostly cotton), filled with ~5g of dried lavender buds (food grade).  

Estimated Dimensions:

Lavender satchel: 4 to 5cm by 7 to 8cm 
Box: 7cm by 7cm by 2-3cm (ht)

Product Care:

Spot cleaning only. When the lavender scent has faded, gently squeeze the satchel with your hands to refresh the scent 

Do note that the actual product color may vary from the color shown in the monitor.