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A Ray Traverses

Makeup Remover Pads (Set of 7)

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Reusable makeup remover pads are the trend nowadays. Some call it cotton rounds, cotton pads and whatnot. But ultimately, these are made from soft cotton material to help us maintain our beauty while embracing the earth (and our pockets from having to constantly restock the disposable cotton pads!). Use it for applying your toner or removing your makeup, whatever use you had for the disposable pads, you can convert to these reusable cotton pads instead. :) 

Our set of 7 reusable makeup remover pads comes in bright and cheerful colors to brighten up your day, or cheer you up after a long and tiring day. They are also made larger than most of the types we have seen elsewhere, for a better grip while using them.  

Product Information

Set of 7 assorted designs 
Dimensions*: 10 cm by 10 cm
Cotton Flannel 
*Allow for slight variations in dimensions due to handmade nature of product.

Product Care

Machine washable.


Do note that the actual product color may vary from the color shown in the monitor.