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A Ray Traverses

Scrunchie - Ocean Hues

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Our accessories should make us feel comfortable and beautiful at the same time, and our scrunchies do just that! Choose your style and tie it, wear it and flaunt it. Spark joy in your own style. 

Ocean Hues remind us of the time we enjoyed the ocean breeze in Surfers' Paradise in Gold Coast. The loud crashing of the waves against the rocks, the wind blowing in our hair and face, the different beautiful hues of blue and green in the vast ocean, and most importantly, the serenity we felt when we were there. 


Product information 

Estimated dimensions: Diameter 12 to 13 cm



Care instructions: 
Recommended for hand wash though it is safe for machine wash (using laundry net to protect the elasticity). 

Hang to dry.

Do note that the actual product color may vary from the color shown in the monitor.