DIY Stay Safe Mask Cover Tutorial

This tutorial is part of our DIY Stay Safe Mask Cover Series. We hope you will find this useful!






Enjoyed the tutorial? Are you excited about making the mask cover on your own? Here's some stuff that could help you speed up the process! 


DIY Stay Safe Mask Cover Kits 

- We are super excited about this! In collaboration with Lyn.W, we have put together DIY kits for adult and child sized mask covers! If you do not wish to do any cutting yourself or just want enough materials for 1 set of mask cover, this would be the perfect item for you. 

- Each kit are for adult or child sizes and includes:
Pre-cut fabric (1x each):
- external Piece
- internal Piece
- nose wire piece
Stay Safe Mask Cover Guide (Hardcopy measurement guide for each fabric)
Elastic bands
Twist tie
Bobby Pin